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MANORHAMILTON classes back on this Saturday 5th April at 10 am in new venue.

Drive into Manorhamilton past the creamery, turn left, turn right at the castle, 2nd right at the edge of town, follow this road until you see a small cottage and new horse stables and an arena on your left and you are there.




Dog Training

Tina is passionate about helping people build and improve relationships with their dogs. Having worked with and studied dogs all her life Tina has a natural ability to figure out how dogs think and why they behave in the way they do.  In her own words Tina is able to "speak Dog" and when Tina speaks - Dogs listen!
Tina’s approach to Dog Training is to build and strengthen channels of communication between owners and dogs. Tina aims to give dog owners a better understanding of why their dog behaves in the way it does and she explains and demonstrates what needs to be done to overcome common dog behaviour problems.  Tina enables people to learn to trust their dog so that they themselves become more relaxed when dealing with the dog in normal everyday situations.  As owners learn to relax dogs too becomes less tense and easier to manage in all areas of life.  Tina's goal is to help people to communicate effectively with their own dogs thereby enhancing the unique relationship and bond between human and dog.


Leitrim Landscapes guided tours

forest in Co LeitrimTina is closely involved in Leitrim Landscapes guided tours. This is a little company specialising in tailor-made walks for groups of people. The forgotten landscape of North-Leitrim  is very close to Tina's heart and together with Nuala McNulty (the charming  owner of the peaceful self-catering Tanylust Lodge) she leads groups of people on stunning archaeological and foraging walks through the picturesque counties of Leitrim, Fermanagh and Sligo. Having a diploma in archaeology Tina is passionate about heritage and the natural environment and is a most knowledgeable and enthusiastic walking tour guide.  See Leitrim Landscapes.


Foraging expert

mushroom foraging in co Leitrim

For many years Tina has been involved in teaching others the ancient skills of foraging for food in the wild. She is an expert on mushroom hunting and foraging for foods and medicines and gives tours and lectures on the simple delights of sifting out and even cooking the tasty snacks freely available from Mother Nature. See Leitrim Landscapes and the Organic Centre, Rosinver

Palm reading

2 hands open palm facing for palm readingTina has the rare gift of palm reading and is widely sought after by individuals and groups for her unique and highly intuitive skills. She has been engaged by groups for special occasions but mostly works from home.





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