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Agility League Competition - Sat 14th April 2012


The first of four competitions in the Markree Dog Agility Club League 2012  was held on Saturday 14th April in our Riverstown arena. Saturday was a glorious sunny day and we were delighted to welcome six young competitors and their dogs from the Mahorhamilton branch of Markree Dog Agility Club which is run by Tina Pommer. The Manorhamilton contingent brought along lots of supporters in their parents, Alva's Granny and Lauren's older brother Ciaran. This added to the festive atmosphere and supplied welcome help in carrying the equipment to and from the arena.There was a great sense of excitement and anticipation in the air as this was the first club competition ever for five of the young group.


Once the course was set up in the arena Pamela allowed everybody to practice with their dogs and try out new pieces of equipment like the dog walk and closed tunnel.



It was amazing how quickly dogs and handlers took to these new challenges and within 15 minutes of practice the dog walk and closed tunned were alot less scary for everybody.



The competition proper began shortly after 1pm. First up were "small dog beginners" Aoife and her very pretty dog Pippen who worked really well together as a team and earned second place and a blue rosette.


Alva and Hattie came first with a beautiful round.









In the "medium beginner" section Lauren and the ever reliable Poppy came first with a nice clear round.


Isabelle with Tina's new rescue dog Jilly gave an amazing performance to take second place.





For the "large beginner" category the jumps were really high but that didn't phase the winners Nessa and the georgous Vanille who made it look so easy!





Rosaleen and the fantastic George took second place.










In the advanced section we had three entries Pamela and Benny in the "small dog" category, Pamela and Toby in "medium" and Trish and Pippa in the "large dog" category. Pamela ran two very good rounds with her dogs to claim first prize with each but last year's overall winners Trish and Pippa were eliminated when in her excitement Trish ran out of the arena under the fence!!! poor Pippa was so embarassed she wouldn't show her face for the camera afterwards.




A most enjoyable and entertaining afternoon was had by all and much to Tina's delight the Manorhamilton group returned home with six rosettes in total. We look forward to seeing everybody back again for our next competition in June when we expect to see more entries in the advanced category. For more photos from the competition click here











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