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Tina teaches beginner dog agility classes on Sat mornings at 11am. Anybody who has already taken some basic dog obedeince classes may progress to learning dog agility.


Agility is a fun sport for dogs and handlers alike. It consistis of a dog performing a course of obstacles while the handler runs alongside directing the dog where to go next. Obstacles include several jumps or hurdles, tunnels and weaving poles which the dog must run through and a dog walk, see-saw and A-Frame which are know as

contact equipment.





The dog must walk or run across the various contact obstacles in a controlled manner and must make paw contact with defined areas on both ends of the equipment. Tina introduces dogs to the equipment gradually in order to build up their confidence. Tina starts off by teaching the simpler obstacles first such as jumps and tunnel and then progresses on to the more challenging see-saw, A-frame and weave poles. Most dogs love doing agility and not only is it great exercise but it also increases the bond between dog and handler as they must work closely together as a team in order to complete an agility course.



Whilst Tina's agility classes are mainly about having fun with your dog and building on obedience training, she also encourages anybody who wishes to progress to competition level. Six of Tinas students have recently taken part in the Markree Dog Agility League competition which was held in Riverstown Co Sligo and all six came home with a prize! see Markree Dog Agiliy club









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