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Basic Obedienceman with his dog at Tina Pommer's Dog obedience training class in Co Leitrim

Tina Pommer's dog training classes are very unique in that Tina’s goal is to first of all to help build a relationship between owner and dog and then develop this relationship to teach practical skills that can be used in every day  life. For example Tina teaches people how to walk their dogs properly on a loose lead around other dogs and strange objects and through the streets of the local town. Tina has been know to bring props to her class such as an umbrella, a pair of crutches, a bag of rubbish and even a live chicken!  ( in a proper secure crate of course)

The idea behind this is that dogs get used to approaching strange objects with different shapes, smells and sounds in a controlled environment under supervison. Therefore when these dogs encounter something similar in the real world any owner who has practiced this can be confident that his/her dog wont panic or freak out at the sight of the unexpected.

Tina has the very special skill of tailoring her classes to suit the individual owners and dogs who attend each week.  She will very quickly access each dog's temperament  and how compatible they are with each other and place out the dog/owner teams accordingly.



two border collie dogs playing at Tina Pommers dog training class in co leitrim Ireland

One very nice part of Tina's class is that she will allow dogs who are compatible to play or socialise together off lead for short periods of time. This is often something which amazes the owners who had been lead to believe that their dog was unsociable or aggressive towards other dogs. Tina's belief is that as humans we can teach our dogs a certain amount but there are some skills such as canine social interaction which depends on the subtle nuances of canine body language that can only be learned from other socially well adjusted dogs.






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